M12 Universal Military Holster


Bianchi, issued with my M9 during my time in service. We wore them shoulder carry with an off side magazine holder. I bought one after I left in '95 for my Ruger due to familiarity. General purpose, no frills, the cordura/nylon is tough, but not a sleek or svelte holster. Not a good choice for concealment but fine for hiking and what not. I preferred the leather chest holster that we used our 1911s, and I still have my issued one, but the Bianchi was a bit more modular and adjustable. A bit "universal" fit, as opposed to the form fitted kydex you find nowadays.


I use a reproduction uncle Mike's m12 for the Ruger mkii. Fits my glocks and others. Attachment method lends itself to oddball jobs like packs, saddlebags, web gear etc.
Ditto on the shoulder holsters. I still have my original issue black from when I ETS'd and I recently picked up a newer one in brown. They work great for my 1911 and Jericho FS45. The Bianchi's came out after I got out. I just picked one up at though from an auction site. It works with my 1911 but not my Jericho. Different animal but the military wanted the Biachi to handle either the 1911 or the M9.
It's my preferred holster for my G29 when out in the woods. Has a built-in cleaning rod, too.

Fits my P85 perfectly, even with a slightly shorter barrel than the M9. Mine is made by Hill Leather co, USGI Contract M12. I am planning to make a side release buckled elastic strap to replace the flap, so that it can be quicker to draw. It aint good for concealment, that is for dang sure lol. Be warned though, the original elastic in the flap can and do wear out. I also have a Bianchi leg extender thing for when it needs to be dropped a bit, and an USGI MOLLE leg extender for MOLLE belts.
The holster is best when mounted to a thick belt, something like the USGI pistol belt, but also the thick duty size outer belts.
For hiking and what not, go with a shoulder or chest rig like Diamond D Leather’s guides choice. In my opinion, much easier to wear then a battle belt when hiking.
I have a Bianchi UM84 that I bought to put my 4.5" XDM in... doesn't fit right, the gun is too wide so it doesn't release cleanly.

For most full-sized autos it's a great choice and very versatile. If you don't plan on using it with an ALICE web belt you'll have to figure out how to mount it. There are MOLLE adapters or you can mount it to a MOLLE system as-is, but it's not ideal.

Maybe I should sell that thing...
I have several of the Bianchi/et. al. military type holsters like that. The UM-84 and one for a revolver, and I think one that may be the M-12?

I like them - they work well with the harness you can get for them.

My preference for field holsters is this kind of holster, especially with the flap. They are a bit bulky, but they protect the firearm well IMO. I am not concerned about quick draw capabilities.

My main complaint is that they are not made in enough various sizes such that some of my guns will not fit in them - e.g., the Five Seven and my 460V.


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