WTS OR M1 Garand Ammo - bulk, some on clips

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    .30-06 150gr. Surplus, spec for m1 Garand. Of course, can be used in any .30-06 chambered rifle.

    dont have a count of it all yet, but will start selling off my M1 Garand ammo.

    Three of the skinny cans are on Garand clips, one is bandoliers. The fourth skinny can is bulk, with a bunch of loose clips.
    The fatter of the cans has a sealed spam can inside it. Not sure if .30-06 surplus in spam cans was bulk or on clips, I never opened it.

    My guess its little under 1000 rounds total. A bunch of garand clips.

    Bought over years at gun shows, from other forum members, etc.

    Guess I’m negotiable on price, especially larger qty. those who have dealt with me know I am reasonable. We’ll start at 75 cents a bullet. If it’s on Garand clips, that includes the clip. If you buy it all, your low price leader here will cut an even better deal.

    Gotta meet local to Hillsboro. Cash of course.

    I’ll get around to counting it all, but if interested, PM me.

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