WTB OR M1 Carbine barrel band, vented hand guard

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The vented hand guards are NOT USGI. But they do seem to work with the M2. The best and cheapest barrel band is a type 3 cut back to a type 2. The bayonet lug arrangement is removed. A type 3 has the bayonet lug. Not USGI exactly correct but does a better job of evenly clamping down the barrel into the stock.

They require the late type 3 shorter barrel band screw but any cut down hardware screw will work. The band springs are all the same. The front sight will have to be removed to slip over the new band. This requires special USGI M1 Carbine tools. The other way requires removing the barrel. More special tools. Hope this helps.

All Oregon State Laws, US Code Laws And NFA Rules Apply.


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