M&P .22 pistol safety mod

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    View attachment 61064 View attachment 51321 This really isnt gunsmithing but I thought this was the best place to put this. I carry a M&P VTac with no thumb safety. I bought a M&P .22 that only comes with the thumb safety as well as trigger safety. The trigger safety works as it should. The main difference between the 9mm and the .22 is tha the .22 is not striker fired. This mod isnt for everyone and if you choose to do it, do it at your own risk.
    The reasons I decided to mod my safety were because the safety on the .22 is really sharp and uncomfortable and doesnt feel the same as my VTac.
    What I did was field strip the pistol and drive out the pin, raise the assembly up just enough to pull the two left and right safety levers straight off and cut and sand them down to the point that they end up just being caps. The mod took me about a half hour but I reall like the way it feels and I think it looks better as well.
    Do make sure that the safety is in the off position prior to pulling the levers off.
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