Looking for a Good Cross Draw Vest

Discussion in 'Gear & Accessories' started by jimboshooter, Mar 14, 2010.

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    I I am in the market for a good cross draw vest (black). I have been looking at TAC Force, but they seem a bit pricey. Any one have any suggestions on where I can get one for a good value. Not necessarily stuck on TAC Force, but heard that was a good brand..
  2. Riot

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    If you're not willing to pay the price tag then try CTD


    It's not the best vest...but it will do. FYI, after owning one myself, they're not all that great. I would actually get a MOLLE vest and put the stuff you want on it, where you want it. With these tac vests- they put the pistol too low for my taste (it actually gets covered by the seatbelt if you're in a vehicle). You can get MOLLE attachments for everything...I've got a SERPA holster on a vest platform at the moment.

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