Inspired by a couple other threads that I didn't want to derail. I wouldn't normally engage in such blasphemy, but I could see mounting a light-weight light system on this one:


Any recommendations? Thanks.


Look for options in a .410 pump light mount kit . Should be close to diameter of mag tube .
Btw , you are going to hades for this.
If that's a Marlin, you are going to the basement of hades. JK
Thanks all for the thoughts. Random replies:

  • The Hill People one was the only was I finding. Looks like it fits the bill.
  • The handguard makes sense, though I just don't like it from an aesthetic stand point. And, yes, I'm aware the base gun is debatable in that category to begin with. Most of our lever-guns are blued steel and wood. One is stainless and wood. Then there is this thing.
  • Not a fan of optics on leverguns either and any I acquired are not so equipped, though we do have a gifted Savage 99 with a vintage scope. I wouldn't have thought so, but I really like that rifle.
  • As to the final resting place of my immortal soul, yah, that's pretty much a foregone conclusion due to my debaucherous ways. Might as well go out in a final blaze of depravity on all fronts. :p
On the CST, which doesn’t have a nice wood stock or forend, I don’t think adding a rail is that bad of a thing. Nor a suppressor, nor a red dot (which I’m patiently waiting for a mount to come to market for)



There's a lot of articles written about the shadow a suppressor makes with a light mounted behind it.
I did see a dog legged extension rail that helps move the light towards the end of the suppressor, but they were made for slotted hand guards


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