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    looking for a place to buy the cast alu. arms that the handle slides into, attaches to the connecting link the to the press rod. any help would be appreciated. i have looked on the lee web site and a couple others however the gun powder, lead and whiskey might ave affected some cells.
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    Lee Challenger Manual

    the Challenger press was discontinued in 2006 and the Toggles (the part that goes from the Ram to the Lever) are no longer available. You are able to update the Toggle system with the newer style currently found on the Breech Lock Challenger Press. The parts needed to do this are as follows:
    (1) OF3221 - Ram Pin - http://leeprecision.com/ram-pin-step.html

    (1) OF3613 - Lever Clamp - http://leeprecision.com/Press-Lever-Clamp.html

    (1) OF3609 - Washer - http://leeprecision.com/1-3-16-steel-washer.html

    (1) FO2113 - Bolt - http://leeprecision.com/1-1-4-5-16-18-bolt.html

    (2) OF2853 - Toggles - http://leeprecision.com/bl-challenger-toggle.html

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