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Anyone have any experience with the Leapers UTG Detachable rear sight , Adjustable for windage and elevation...?
( Model 4 / 16 )
This sight looks like and works like that A2 sights on a M16A2 / M4 but without the "Carry handle" part of the sight....
I was thinking of getting one for my AR and wondered if they are any good.

I like the A2 sight system...and am not looking for a "match grade" sight set up...just a good iron sight for shooting at close range.
I have a detachable carry handle , but the forward locking knob makes my carry awkward...
Thanks ,
The vertical adjustments are for range after the rifle has been zeroed. To zero the rifle you will need to adjust the front sight post vertically to correct your point of impact.
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I have at least three UTG items: a gimballed, detachable front bipod, a 15" quad rail, and a 1.5-7 x 44 scout scope. All three are very well made and compared to other offerings, very inexpensive.
You posted a picture of your AR but I've forgotten. I presume it has a fixed front post/gas block. Probably any detachable would do, as long as it's not sloppy. Based on the three UTG items I have above, I would not anticipate their rear sight to be sloppy.
I have one on my Mossberg MMR. I like it, cleaner looking than the carry handle, and gets the job done. For sure not match grade, but it takes a beating and holds zero.
I picked one up on Amazon for $20, works well for what it is. I bought it as a place holder until I decide on a more permanent one ( thinking another Matech, as I've had good luck ).
For what they are, it will get the job done.
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Thank you all for the replies...
I really do like the A2 type of sighting system...I have found that it worked well for me then , while in the Army and still works now for me.
As I said I am not looking for a "match grade" sight...
Just a good solid rear sight to use with my stock "Fixed" front sight at close rifle ranges... ( 100 yards and less )
I do know that you get what you pay for....and I do wish more sights were made here in the US...

For those who do not like this brand of sights....why not...?
It would be nice to know of the sights issues from "real gun guys" , rather than see the lame reviews online or see nothing but glowing reviews ....

Thanks again.
Andy, Leapers suffers from a certain stigma because of their start importing Airsoft parts. Fairly or not... I do know they've been trying to, as the saying goes, "Suck Less" and improve--my NWFA-lower AR uses one of their risers under the optic.

There are also people that insist that if any part of your AR has ever even been on the same TRUCK as an Anderson, that that part will be corrupted, sneak out of your rifle in the dead of night and murder you in your sleep. The fanbois say "WHITE!," the B*tchy Gucci Girls say "BLACK!" and in between the truth is probably a gray that may shade more to one direction or the other depending on the individual component and when it was made.
I've got a few UTG items at home. The main reason for using them is budget - sometimes there just isn't enough $$ to buy everything premium and/or made here at home. Just the reality of the budget. Honestly, their quality isn't crap, but it can vary from piece to piece, depending on what you buy. For example, I have 2 UTG red dots that I've used on some smaller guns - they work. They hold zero, they're built just fine. No, they're certainly not a high-quality optic, but on a .22, for example, they get the job done - at least up to the point where perhaps something better can replace them. I've used some other stuff too like rails, rail adapters, bipod, and some other things, but not iron sights.

I think of UTG kind of like Harbor Freight. They are the HF of gun stuff. Know they're built in China and may be lacking in quality control. But sometimes you don't need a high-end piece to get the job done, and if you're okay with that and want to save some $$, then go for it. I'm not going to pretend I buy everything American made, in this day and age, none of us do. When my budget allows for buying better quality, I do. But when I need a solution now, I don't mind, from time to time, trying out some other stuff like UTG.
UTG now has a PRO model without the fugly knob on the side. Great sight. I got it of amazon for a lot less than I usually spend on my go to rear sights, Daniel Defense. Out of the box it was on at 100 with the front post on my upper. Build materials feel solid. Good star hex screws. Feels well made. For the little budget pistol I put together. It works great. No I haven't tested it's durability by throwing it around or dropping it on concrete, but I haven't done that with the Daniel Defense sights either.


I use a few of their items and they are good for the price. I have a utg pro buffer tube on one. They claim its built in the USA. Small things like rail risers, a scope on a airgun, rail mount for 10/22 ect. It's usually heavier but works like other China made products. It's funny how if it says Primary Arms or Vortex it's good China stuff. When important things like a scope you could go Leupold for the money spent. But no my China crap is better than yours. :rolleyes:

For those who do not like this brand of sights....why not...?
Their reputation as an airsoft parts company left them in a negative light. It also does not help that they're cheap. Typically you get what you pay for. I've been burned when going cheap, AK mags that jam too much (KCI 30 round mags, 20 round mags after they bite the dust in such short notice), optics that fail on me, a sling that had its hook chewed through on my AK sling plate, etc...

Their stuff now might be better than it used to be, but they don't make anything worth me trying. Even the optics from Russia and Belarus fill the need for a cheap optic, and most iron sights aren't that expensive to begin with IMHO.
Andy like someone said above with UTG STUFF.
You have to watch out because they make Airsoft parts also .I have UTG LEAPERS STUFF on some of my guns . sorry I don't have a site . other wise I would give it to you .but I think I have a Magpul rear sight i will check and see
Lol and so it begins .
Andy got a AR what about a month or two ago.
And he is already buying or looking to buy parts.hahahahaha.say good by to your bank it's a slippery slope from here on out lol

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