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A fairy chess piece, variant chess piece, unorthodox chess piece, or heterodox chess piece is a chess piece not used in conventional chess but incorporated into certain chess variants and some chess problems. Fairy pieces vary in the way they move. Because of the distributed and uncoordinated nature of unorthodox chess development, the same piece can have different names, and different pieces the same name in various contexts. Almost all are usually symbolised as inverted or rotated icons of the standard pieces in diagrams, and the meanings of these "wildcards" must be defined in each context separately. Pieces invented for use in chess variants rather than problems sometimes instead have special icons designed for them, but with some exceptions (the princess, empress, and occasionally amazon), many of these are not used beyond the individual games they were invented for.

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  1. Andy54Hawken

    Leapers UTG Detachable Rear sight...

    Anyone have any experience with the Leapers UTG Detachable rear sight , Adjustable for windage and elevation...? ( Model 4 / 16 ) This sight looks like and works like that A2 sights on a M16A2 / M4 but without the "Carry handle" part of the sight.... I was thinking of getting one for my AR and...
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