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Leading Gun Control Activist Arrested For Carrying A Gun Illegally In An Elem. School

will be interesting to see if he loses his cc permit because of the felony or will this just go away because he is an anti?
I wouldn't side with an asinine law even if it were used to punish the person that created it. The law is dumb and needs to be ignored by all, even those dumb enough to want it.
Hmmm.ignore a felony...let me know how that works for ya. I prefer to elect different lawmakers.
Hmmm.ignore a felony...let me know how that works for ya.
It makes no difference how a government classifies its own laws. They will all be ignored & are daily by millions of people, every single one of them. The % of people that get prosecuted for any crime, in every country out there is very small. The amount of people that government is even aware of breaking their laws, is an even smaller %. There's no exception to this reality even when it deals with a law that attempts to restrict the 2nd amendment in some way.

I prefer to elect different lawmakers.
Voting does nothing. Even if every American decided to not vote for anyone, or decided to not vote yes or no for some bill, there would still be either propaganda to state otherwise, a supreme court ruling immediately placed, or the president declaring martial law. Because continuity of government is more important than the 'will of the people', at least to government it is. So you would get either
1) the news stating that millions of people voted for such and such, so such and such wins or "some bill" received so many votes and passed or failed. or
2) continuity of government meaning that even in the case of Americans coming to their senses government will do all that it can to act as if its your master and authority.



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