Kurt Schrader Needs the Big BOOT also.

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    Here is a reply back from another Oregon rep.
    He needs to go also.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts on gun control legislation in the 113th Congress with me. Our own community was shocked and saddened by the shootings at the Clackamas Town Center on Tuesday, December 11, 2012 only to watch helplessly as the Nation's heart was further broken by the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary three days later.

    Congress and the President have committed to taking action. As a life-long supporter of responsible gun ownership, I want effective reforms that respect the Second Amendment and American traditions. There is a responsible middle road between aggressive bans and inaction which any final piece of legislation must take.

    The Nation would do well to follow Oregon's lead on tightening requirements for background checks at gun shows. We need to incentivize properly securing firearms to protect against unlawful access. We must also prioritize funding for law enforcement and mental health services as the basis of prevention.

    As we come together with our communities and begin to heal from these tragic losses, please stay in touch on this issue. I will continue to work with my colleagues on responsible measures to effectively prevent such tragedies in the future. We will not solve our problems overnight, but we can work together to diligently address the root causes of violence.

    Kurt Schrader
    Member of Congress

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