Kitsap County Prosecutor Race

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    Everyone please check out Bruce Danielson. He is an vocal supporter of gun and personal rights. He is running to remove the stooge Hague from the office.

    Hague is a spend thrift who has blown huge amounts of money over the past 13 years trying to convict one man he does not like. He has wasted another huge amount of money, we don't know because of the vague accounting practices the prosecutor seems to use, trying to shut down Kitsap Rifle and Revolver Club. He is also known to appoint counsel to cases where the lawyers have personal relationships outside the courtroom with the judges tying cases and failing to advise opposing counsel of such publicly known relationships.

    Bruce is running as an independent and refuses to take campaign money so he is beholding to no one but God and himself.
    If you live in Kitsap County, know anyone who lives in Kitsap county, I implore you to vote for or ask any in the county to vote for Bruce Danielson. His election will help preserve 86 years of shooting for sport and national defense.

    Danielson for Prosecutor.
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