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Discussion in 'Business Discussion & Reviews' started by Doubletap247, May 18, 2011.

  1. Doubletap247

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    Anyone live in Happy Valley that goes to JCGC?

    I Moved here from Arizona and haven't found anywhere to go shooting.
    I tried going to the place in Estacada off of 224 over the bridge and it is messed up.
    Trash everywhere idiots firing in every direction. not exactly a good place to take the family or friends out to go shooting.

    I usually take my wife and kids and TCGC in Sherwood didnt seem to like the idea of my 3 year old hanging out. My son likes to watch he wears eye and ear protection but some people think he is to young.

    Thank you for the input.
  2. MikeE

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    Johnson Creek Gun Club is a good place. If you want to bring very small children along, the Clackamas County Public Safety Training Center range is maybe a better choice - there is a big light room to hang out in and you can watch people on the range through big windows. You have to buy ammo there, and must own a firearm. But then you can rent different handguns.
  3. Joe Link

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    As Mike said, JCGC and the CC PSTC are both excellent ranges, and both happen to be close to you. I shoot at JCGC as it's FAR cheaper than PSTC. Though, as always, you do get what you pay for. PSTC has a beautiful facility; walking into JCGC is like walking into a time capsule sealed since 1935 :)
  4. drew

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    Yep. The other reason I've gone to PSTC is they rent pistols and happened to rent the model of one I was looking at.
  5. spider

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    Doubletap im goin on sunday, if you wanted to meet up, i usually go around 5-6pm
  6. JohnnyCauc

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    I was a member of JCGC for 8-9 years. I dropped the membership last year due to disdain for the operating conditions of the range.
    While it’s truly the most economic range around, and often fairly empty, I’d consider it a poor time capsule in that I assume more than 6 lanes were usable in 1936. Their target reels are in a constant state of disrepair. When they upped membership fees, I fully expected repairs to the facility itself. Instead, a half paved parking lot and a lopsided ¾ pool table. I offered free labor on multiple occasions, but evidently they weren’t interested in free repairs.
    I’m not badmouthing the place. I think it was perfect for my needs in 2002, and may well be perfect for others. No rentals, but plenty of kind and talkative members, many of whom will allow you to fire their weapons if you even look over covetously.
  7. CCGC


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    If you want to try an outdoor range, you might give us a try - The English Pit Shooting Range in Vancouver. We operate a public outdoor range with pistol, rimfire & centerfire rifle ranges. Daily range fees; no memberships needed. Rentals on a pre-arranged basis (see our web site for a complete list). Have a park with picnic facilities. We've operated the range for about 4 years and now have the ablility to make improvments to the facilities. Our web site is
  8. Jill Bradley

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    Just a quick note that all of the 10 lanes were torn out and all redone. We had to have someone design them because that had to be specially made and installed after the club closed at night, so it took some time. We also installed a security system that allows the club to be monitored from any computer and records the activities for the safety of the
    club. The parking lot could not be all paved because we needed drainage for the rainwater. The pool table has been replaced with a ping pong table, shuffleboard table, punching bag, and treadmill. As far as the rates going up, we did most of these repairs before the 1st of the year and the rates went up to $150.00 per year from $120.00 per year starting Jan 1, 2011. We also cancelled the prorated memberships, so most of the current members renew in November, so they get to see all the changes before they pay the new rate. Hope this helps!

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