WTS OR Japanese Type 99 Arisaka

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    Selling the last of my Arisakas to continue funding another large purchase.
    Type 99 with visible Mum,although it does have some chisel marks-see photo
    Its getting harder to find these with any sort of Mum visible..
    Wood and metal are in typical Arisaka condition..somewhat rough.

    I believe it was made in mid 1943,if I remember correctly.I researched it but that was a long time ago.Still has the chromed bore and the fancy early safety knob,but it doesnt have the funky anti aircraft sights,and the front sight has either had the ears removed or they werent there from the factory-this particular rifle IS at the beginning of the cost saving measures known as "last ditch"

    One other thing,the locking mechanism for the rear sight is missing something-I cannot remember what it is,but it will slide back and forth like its supposed to,but it doesnt lock into place.

    If you can find ammo,this will be a great shooter,I am sure.
    Functions well,its clean,and the bore looks great.

    $300 cash,no trades.
    FTF in Milwaukie,Oregon City,Gladstone,Clackamas,or Delta Park

    20170418_105525.jpg 20170418_105552.jpg 20170418_105600.jpg 20170418_105606.jpg 20170418_105535.jpg 20170418_105548.jpg 20170418_105613.jpg 20170418_105649.jpg
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