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Holy hell I should probably have a skidder handy as a backup rig in that case. And Idk if Mr Redditor has ever had to depend on DOT projects to make their life work but looking at DOT projects around the state I can't imagine a world in which they shift from tortoise to hare speed, especially with the almost certain extreme chaos that would follow such a disaster in an even moderately populated area.
Just getting the equipment and supplies (e.g., fuel, roadbed, etc.) to the roads would be a major undertaking.

From what I understand, the state & feds have plans for this, but traffic wouldn't be flowing for months, in some areas for years - especially in the coastal mountains and along the coast. Roads like the one that comes to my house would be the last to be tackled, although a dozer & grader would probably handle a lot of it on the north side - the south side of the mountain would be a mess as it is a lot steeper and has a geological history of massive slides.
If environmental regulations were not suspended for emergency construction, some areas would never regain access. The rest would be delayed for years, or decades because of lawsuits and appeals.

The damage from the quake would depend on the time of year, among other factors. One occurring in the December-March window would inflict much more damage due to saturation of soils. A summertime or early fall quake would cause less damage. This also would affect repairs.

After the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake, California DOT threw out conventional bidding and set up a system that awarded incentives for speed in rebuilding major roads in the Bay Area. The results were spectacular!

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