Israeli E Lander Tavor/AR15 mags, nice quality good price.

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    So I was emailed by a buddy that a company had some new AR mags that were made in Israel. I thought I'd pop over and order some and was surprised at the price 18 bucks each plus a discount and free shipping if you buy 10 or more. I figured I'd order 50 and they went down to 17 bucks each.

    The magazines appear to be made of steel that's coated with an interesting non rusting paint that feels almost like a non stick pan and is a gun metal grey color. I looked up the magazine information and the makers say it exceeds 96 hours in saltwater without rusting. It has a white anti tilt follower and all seem to have good springs, almost to good like you would need to leave it fully loaded a bit to loosen it up.

    Overall they look like a better made GI mag, they fit my Bushmaster without any problems. I've checked today and they are up to 18.70 each and they have a 2 month or so waiting list. I'm not sure there are any more discounts for over 10 but there might be some discount codes hanging around.
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    Use the code slick and you will get a discount and free shipping mako group

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