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Interested in Hunting

Discussion in 'Northwest Hunting' started by unionguy, Aug 9, 2009.

  1. ZeroRing

    ZeroRing 26th District, WA Active Member

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    Making this one a sticky. :thumbup:
  2. wawaverider

    wawaverider PDX, OR Member

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    sticky and hilarious
  3. LastinrugerIII

    LastinrugerIII oregon New Member

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    grandma aint gunna be able to get that sticky stain out ay?
  4. DeanMk

    DeanMk Poulsbo, Wa. Well-Known Member

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    Great advice.
    If you've done some Skeet/Trap shooting in the past, upland birds and ducks are the "easy payoff".
    I started hunting with my dad and brother before I was old enough to legally have a gun. I was the "extra pair of eyes". I thought it was fun just tramping out in the (cold, wet) woods with those guys.
    Later, when I was old enough to have a gun, I found deer hunting a bit boring (until I shot one, that is) and always preferred upland bird. Watching a good dog work a field is really something of a wonder to behold.
    Some advice from an old hunter (or rather, "old" hunter) is to PICK YOUR SHOTS.
    I never understood Skeet. Those are the lowest percentage shots I've ever seen! I've spent a lifetime letting birds in that position pass me by, so I could walk them down and get a second jump on them (or forget about it and contune working the field).
    When the pheasant rises up, get the gun up and track it. The pheasant will take a two or three wingbeat pause to straighten out. That's when you take your shot, because he's not moving, he's only rotating.
    Of course, that's a "classic" rise. A lot of time, they just rise and straighten out at the top of the rise without stopping (like cresting a hill). Then you've just got to take your shot whenever you're ready, but hit 'em on the rise, because once he's level, he's gone (they're very fast, you know =)).
    When you flush a covey of birds, such as Chukar or Quail, pick ONE bird and shoot at that one. NEVER try to "blindly" shoot into the covey, thinking the law of averages is on your side, because its not.
    Pick a bird and shoot it or you'll miss every time.
    When woods hunting deer, pay attention to how much noise you're making.
    If you can't help but make a racket, find a spot where you have a good view and sit down and wait a while (like an hour or so). This will give the animals time to settle down and (possibly) come back your way.
    Also, be aware of the terrain. Did you have to use a rope and crampons during your hunt? Well, how ya' gonna get the deer back to the truck if you had to do some mountain climbing to get there?! (deer ain't light, ya know. Even black tails!)
    However, the best advice is make friends here. If unionguy can find some forumites that are near him, you guys can always do a meet and greet and maybe plan out a hunt, because the best way to learn is to just get out there and do it. Having someone go along with you who knows what they're doing works all that much better.

  5. lucky guy

    lucky guy Sisters Active Member

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    ??? I can't figure out if this is for real or a bot-generated spam. Not from this planet in any case.
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  6. DeanMk

    DeanMk Poulsbo, Wa. Well-Known Member

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    Oz linky. I'm callin' it a bot.


  7. longcolt

    longcolt Zephyrhills, FL Active Member

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    One of the things you might consider is to just get a map of the various hunting units, pick one and do some scouting in the off season. Its hike in the woods with a set of binoculars a compass (to find your way back) and a sidearm for protection. Scout the area for deer sign and trails and to get to know the lay of the land. Find a drainage and follow it up and down to get a better understanding of how the water flows up and down the canyons and where the deer seem to make their trails. Learn the way the air currents flow. Up in the morning and down in the evenings, usually.

    Many hunters spend a lot of time getting to know the area they intend to hunt before buying a tag and actually hunting. Many also hunt alone. I prefer to always hunt with others since you never know what will happen. Hunters get lost, keys get locked in trucks, trucks get stuck or won't start. Medical emergencies happen, etc. If you choose to hunt alone always let someone know where you will be and when you intend to return.

    It is difficult to get accepted into hunting groups. Folks are always cautious about who they want around them with firearms and are very selective who they allow to join their hunt camp. Join a good gun club and ask around to see if anyone needs a hunt partner. Don't be shy you will find lots of folks that are looking for woods backup.
  8. PopsBdog

    PopsBdog Southern Oregon Active Member

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    I put this on other posts.
    Those of you who want to hunt, the OHA is a great way to find some info and people. We also lobby for laws on Hunting, Trapping, Wildlife, and Gun Rights. Oregon Hunters Association
  9. Jeff Craddock

    Jeff Craddock USA New Member

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    If you are first time going for hunting you must keep several points on mind, try to minimize noise. A deer may stand a long time, If it doesn't see or smell you, and it might continue feeding if it will not get disturb. Also you need to take quick action because dears easily get alert by noise.

    Are you interesting in hunting? Make sure some aspects for successful hunting. You should avoid contaminating entire hunting area. If you want to make long hike you should light and breathable clothing, it will reduce sweating. weather forecasting of every hour and wind direction will help you to choose right location.

    Hunting seems simple but when you are actually giving advice to someone specially adult person who never hunt, it is very difficult for such type of hunters to learn about hunting as comparing to a person who is hunting from their childhood.
  10. 2Wheels4Ever

    2Wheels4Ever Central Oregon Well-Known Member 2015 Volunteer

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    It always amazed me that I would go out way in the middle of the woods, and I would still find people/signs of people. They were clearly not hunting. Make sure you look out for two legged predators while you are out there as well.
    Last edited: May 1, 2014
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  11. Sabertooth

    Sabertooth Josephine County Active Member

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    Get a topo map, paper type, of the area you will hunt in and magnetic compass. If you do not know how to use these items. Learn before you wander out in the woods. This is from a former member of Oregon mountian rescue team. It gets tirsome looking for peole who do not know how to navigate in the woods. Especially when you find a body not a live person.
    Not much in writing on hunting black tail deer, lots on elk, mule deer and other critters.
    Dress for the worst weather for the day, if you are just going out for the day. Check weather forecast.
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