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Have a chance to buy some IMR7977 in bulk quantity. Seller uses it for his big magnums, says its a temp-insensitive powder with other applications in the .270 Win realm.

I'm not much of a big magnum guy, looking for any experience with that powder toward lesser applications. Thanks.
Best bet is to look at the Hodgden website and load data. I think this is one of the Enduron powders that haven't been around too long. Made in Canada, (IMR) the Enduron powders kind of disappeared from shelves during Covid. They haven't bounced back for some reason. When I see any of the Enduron powders available, which isn't often, it's normally in the 8# jug.

The Enduron powders are temp insensitive and reduce copper fouling.
That much I knew. Perhaps to your disappointment, Enduron powders will not be back (anytime in the near future anyway, according to Hogdon).

This is why I am so very leery of experimenting with "the new kid on the block" when it comes to powders. Who cares if it works better if you can't buy any more?

By and large, I stick with the old standbys. As a ray of hope, IMR4320 was discontinued for a number of years, then came back! Now its gone again. I learned my lesson there and banked up when it came back. A very forgiving and accurate propellant in mid-size cartridges.
A few years back I picked up a couple pounds of 4166, another of the Enduron powders. I had intended to use it in a 6.5 CM, then sold that rifle. I gave it a try in my .223, and it was fabulous, nearly as good as Benchmark. Then 4166 left the scene. I had a chance to buy an 8# jug of it last month, but passed it up. I'd never use it all when I have so many other powders on hand that work well. So no, I'm not disappointed. Just a shrug and move on.
The only other reason I would have toward buying this stuff is that the amount offered is (for me) a practical lifetime supply but only if I can put it to regular, reliable use.

I do have belted magnums, A .276 Ackley (on an Ackley rifle), 257 Wby on a Cooper, .350 Rem on a 700,and a .257 Colton on a Number One. The application might have to apply there, but I was kind of hoping for .25-06/.270/.30-06 type stuff.

Book data doesn't tell all about practical application as a voice of experience. If I can't use it, I don't care how cheap it is. :cool:
I acquired 6lbs as backup to H1000, but haven't used it yet. If it's performance is along the lines of 4166 compared to Varget, you will find it was a very good choice.
People write about Retumbo, H1000 and Varget like they are the holy Grail for their guns. For all my load work-up with each of these powders, I have found one that shoots better in my guns.
Edit, nice selection of wildcats :) .
If i wasnt certain i could use it id put that money towards a powder i already use and stock that up instead.
Theres no guarantee anymore what we have will be available in the future.

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