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If Trump wins in 2020, what are the odds of the governments of Calf, Ore, Wash, Mass, etc. unilaterally declaring seccession?

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No chance of it happening but they will run around like squirrels with their hair on fire claiming they want to. Democrats have turned their party into a freak show that has kept me entertained for 3 years now. I know the democrats have no one that could win against Trump but they will surely give it a try with one of their socialist noobs.
I've been looking for a new fairytale to tell the grandkids at night.
Wow, this has all the basics to be a great one.
Now if I could just find a way to work in Unicorns somehow.
I posted this elsewhere but look up the Paris Commune. They were crushed militarily after several months.
Paris Commune - Wikipedia
No Faerie Tale, I didn't say they would successful.

Never going to happen for sooooo many reasons. Silly thread topic. No offense.
^. This. Zero chance of it happening in any state. There is no legal mechanism for a state to succeed, the Civil War decisively answered the Constitutional question of said, and there is at least one post-war SCOTUS ruling declaring said illegal.

At most we'll see some half-baked movement for succession like happened in California in 2016. But it will go no where.

Its not "silly" look up the Paris Commune of 1871.
Paris Commune - Wikipedia
They have done it before and will do it again, and again, and again...
Sure, there's been uprisings, insurgencies, and civil wars since the earliest times in history. But we're talking the USA circa 2019—2020; very different factors.
From jail? Well maybe not jail. But things are spiraling downhill for the old grifter. More republicans in the government are turning on him, every day. God help us if this unstable old fart stays in power.
Because some commie whore would be so much better. :rolleyes:

If anyone belongs in jail it is his 2016 opponent.
I have been watching the results of the poorly executed attempt in 2017 for Catalonia to leave Spain. This month a number of public officials have been sentenced to prison terms. So, I guess a succession can still be attempted in a western democracy; though, as we see, sometimes the net result is the status quo maintained and a few politicos going to jail. (And, for the record, I support Catalan independence. I just know it ain't happening.)
I vaguely remember back in the 90s there was a series of cheesy paperbacks about the then active militia movement taking on the Federal government. I never read any because the premise sounded, quite frankly, ludicrous. I do remember seeing them sell at gun shows though. :s0112:
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