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If Trump wins in 2020, what are the odds of the governments of Calf, Ore, Wash, Mass, etc. unilaterally declaring seccession?

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What're you talkin' about? We ARE a red state, once you get outside the Bellingham, Seattle, Tacoma or Olympia city limits...
That's like saying California is red state if you don't count LA County, The Bay Area, Sacramento.

As long as the Seattle to Olympia area exists Washington is and will forever be a blue state.
To wit, I give you I-1639 That one was my wake up call.
Here's the fun part: it's the same territory that led to West Virginia. If a state gov declares itself in rebellion and loyalists stand up an alternate provisional gov, guess which one gets recognized by the Feds?

So in that scenario, if Inslee secedes, a Loyalist gov under say Cathy McMorris-Rogers (not that she's anything great, just first E WA name that sprang to mind) based out of Spokane could redraw the state line at the Seattle city limits, and do all kinds of other useful work. :)
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