Hunting coyotes, not trapping or selling furs

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    Need a little clarification on the following:
    Badger, Coyote, Nutria, Opossum,
    Porcupine, Spotted Skunk, Striped
    Skunk and Weasel
    Open season entire year.
    Requires appropriate Furtaker’s License to trap (also allows
    hunting), or appropriate Hunting License for Furbearer’s or
    general Hunting License to hunt these species.

    do i need my furtakers license to hunt them? i dont plan on trapping or selling furs. just "varmit" hunting.

    on private land only a hunting license is needed, but what about public land? both Furtakers and hunting lic's?
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    Coyotes are categorized as a Predator animal same as Rabbits and Beldings Ground Squirrels (sage rats) you do not need a tag or special license to hunt them. YOU DO HOW EVER need a regular hunting license to hunt them off your own land. You can skin and sell the pelts if you shoot them. Its the Trapping you would need a license for. To the best of my knowledge and I been reading the regs every year since I was 11 (46 years ago)
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