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How much ammo/mags/guns is enough?

Discussion in 'General Firearm Discussion' started by Bushman, Jan 1, 2013.

  1. Jester316

    Jester316 Beaverton Member

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    My 1943 mosin nagant is enough, and here is why (although I do own others):

    1)Rugged. Simplicity at it's finest. This gun was designed to be used by conscripts and people who had almost no training. It's designed out of chunks of steel and hard wood. After moving, we didn't have a fire poker set, so I used the steel bayonet for weeks to move logs on fire around.

    2)Cheap: I paid $99 dollars out the door for it. Ammo is $.20 per round or less and can be found all over the place online.

    3)Powerful: 7.62x54R. Need I say more? FMJ, SP, HP. Comes in all the flavors you want.
  2. raindog

    raindog Portland, OR Active Member

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    That is funny and in line with this old classic: Mosin Nagant Humor  AK vs. AR vs. Mosin Nagant
  3. nwdrifter

    nwdrifter troutdale oregon Active Member

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  4. Mark W.

    Mark W. Silverton, OR Bronze Supporter Bronze Supporter

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    Prepping is of no concern when it comes to my firearms or ammo purchases. I have more then enough in any which way to cover that remote possibility should it ever come up.

    I buy what I want to shoot and enjoy. Be it a 100 year old Winchester pump .22 or a modern 600 yard Varmit rifle. I tend to limit my handguns to variety. SO I have a couple DA wheel guns a Couple SA western style, 3-4 various caliber semi autos, and some misc types.

    I don't own a Black rifle nor do see myself ever owning one. The closest thing I have to a EBR is a pair of BRs one bolt one semi auto same caliber which is over 100 years old.

    I don't own a NATO caliber rifle but do own a NATO caliber handgun or two.

    As to how much ammo. Hmmmm that is constantly changing since I load everything I shoot except for .22 rim and shotgun (that will change this coming summer) So for me its not so much about how much ammo but whats the component supply looking like.
  5. Major Payne

    Major Payne PNW Active Member

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    5k rounds for every gun I have lol
  6. teflon97239

    teflon97239 Portland, OR Well-Known Member

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    The answer is simple:

    I know what is enough for me. Not Joe Biden and his fellow career politician hacks.
  7. Kid@Heart

    Kid@Heart Vancouver, USA Cynic Lifetime Supporter

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    It depends on how much you shoot?

    I go through thousands of .45 acp and .22lr cartridges every year. (Just to stay reasonably proficient) I do reload the .45 cartridges.
    Lets see....

    .44 mag... Check
    .45 LC... Check
    .357 mag... Check
    .223... Check
    .308... Check
    30-06... Check
    .54 ball.... Check
    .58 mini-ball.... Check
    000 Buck... Check
    00 Buck... Check
    #4 Buck... Check

    I have enough ammo to ride out most of these self-fulfilling-prophecy ammo shortage scenarios and enough to last a while longer than my available food stocks if the SHTF.

    I have 4 or 5 high cap mags for each of the rifles.
    5 or 6 each for the .22 pistols
    Probably 20 1911 mags
    a couple of speedloaders for each revolver

    A couple of most....

    In general, i believe in having AT LEAST one more of everything than I need. My problem is that I haven't figured out the level where my NEED is met.
  8. Bushman

    Bushman Auburn, WA Active Member

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    I remember when you could buy a chinese AK clone for $200 and 7.62 was $65 for a 1K round case. Dang I wish I had stocked up then and not pissed it all away.

    Anyway, fast forward to today, I have what I would easily deem enough for life, however; I"m wondering if I should downsize. Ammo, mags, and "other". On the other hand, it has gone up in value like crazy. 9mm I bought almost a decade ago has gone up 150%!! Glock mags I bought after the ban sunset for $12 each are now selling for $50. Pmags I bought for $10 are going for $75! Thing is, I hardly ever shoot, so honestly 10 mags and a case of ammo would last me 20 years lol, hence why I am considering selling some off.
  9. badclam

    badclam willapa bay Sunny SW WA Active Member

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    I read on here once by another member," The only time you can have too many guns and too much ammo, is when your uninsured house is burning down". I tend to agree. I love to shoot, hunt, reload, collect, rebuild, with guns. These are the good old days. I guarantee it won't be long before we look back at how much freedom we had as gun owners right now.
  10. mr45auto

    mr45auto Oregon City Member

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    For me probably another 20 or so long guns of varied types and probably 10 or so more handguns. I'd guess right now that I have around 30 or so. I'd have to go count them to be sure. I recently gave several away to my son so I dunno really what I have left.

    Ammo, well hell there's never enough and mags of course I'd like to have 20 or 30 per gun that uses them simply because I have to account for those rectums in DC and Salem that may limit me in the future. I'd hate to be stuck with a gun that only has worn out magazines.
  11. Burt Gummer

    Burt Gummer Portland Completely Out of Ammo

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    I would rather have three guns and 50,000 rounds of ammo than ten guns and 1000 rounds of ammo when SHTF.
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  12. Bushman

    Bushman Auburn, WA Active Member

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    Exactly. I think people forget that without ammo, all those mags and guns don't do any good. Have enough mags and guns to last through your ammo before they break. Too many people with hundreds of PMAGS and 1,000 rounds of .223 lol