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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by jwho, Jun 10, 2009.

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    any know anything about collecting them or now any one who does. A guy wants to trade me his collection of 400 cars for what i have would i be able to turn around and sell them, or will they just sit in my closet?
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    Depends on which ones they are? Some are worth some money but most are not. New at about $1 each in the box perfect. At the store now. Used, out of the box, they haven't much worth. Unless there the RARE ones. They have price books on them. Be carefull. Little things about them make a big diff. School yourself with a book or ebay or somethin. Don't take someones word about them unless you are willing to get BURNED. Have a nice day.:)
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    i just sold my collection last year thru a friend. he put them on ebay. he also knew the value of them so i wasnt worried about getting max $$, but just a fair amount. he sold them indivually or as a set, like my "mongoose & snake" set. i also had some matchbox cars too. iirc, most of my hotwheels still had the sheet metal badge too so those when with it.

    the ones i had were called the "red lines" as can be seen on the red line on the tires. from what i understand they re-released them so you have to be careful.

    if you google hotwheels and maybe collecting you should come up with some good sites that will give you the poop on them. there was also some sites with actual values for given cars. iirc, the purple, pink cars were valued the most....go figure...most likely since they probably didnt sell alot of those colors?

    most of mine were in really nice condition since i only played with them in a carpeted room. i still have the track and a battery operated "super charger" where it pushes the cars out. my nephews currently play with it when they are over so until then, its for play.

    if youre going to flip them, it will take some time to educate yourself on the value of them and also which versions they are, so just be prepared to do some homework.

    one last note. if you do decide to sell them, make up your mind if youre going to sell INTERNATIONALLY since in some countries, they are really collectable.
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    I would really be hesitant to trade anything for hotwheels, or anything else along those lines. While there is somewhat of a market for that kind of stuff, when push comes to shove they will not be easily sold for a profit, and you can't take them to the store and buy groceries with them. Tell they guy to sell the hotwheels and just give you cash, chances are he probably wont because its not as easy as he wants you to think.

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