Henry Earl *Arrested over 1300 times*

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    I find this character to be really interesting. Maybe this is considered to be old news, his wikipedia article hasn't been updated in several months, but just in case, I figured I would link some of you guys to one of my favorite criminals.

    Henry Earl photo montage - YouTube

    Henry Earl - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    I first heard of him when there was this man who wasn't even 20 yet, and had been arrested over 50 times in 2 years. THen someone mentions Henry Earl and I had to look into it. His photo montage shows him happy in a lot of his booking photos and sometimes wearing the exact same clothes as a previous mugshot, almost as if he was arrested hours after a release.

    For those of you that don't know about Henry Earl, I figured I would introduce you to a very interesting man.
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    So this is something to celebrate?

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