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Love always wins? What does love got to do with it, got to do with it? LoL

I have a sign by the front door and it tells you to make right with Jesus because you're about to meet him if you force your way in. That was my GF's idea.

My sign would say, hello! Welcome to my crib. On this property, we do free body piercings and you have options when it becomes to how big of a hole you want in you.

Of course I am a peaceful man, but I have to admit, mama didn't raise a fool either.
Peaceful, not harmless. There is a difference ;-)
You are unlike LEOs responsible for everyone of those bullets - and where they end up I'n your neighborhood. Ask the judge at your trial if you don't believe me.
Ok, I went and weighed everything out for all you bastards, because I love you apparently. Gun is 6.5, the mag is a hair under 1.5, and the ammo is a full pound. Somehow my scale thinks that is 10lbs put together, so the error margin is somewhere around a pound. Where did I send the nudes again?
I ran across this issue trying to weigh guns with a bathroom scale. I noticed that the scale did not seem to handle small increases or decreases in weight well over repeated weighings. After some experimentation, I began to suspect that I was dealing with a damping mechanism, probably in the software. Long story short, the scale seemed to be biased toward returning consistent results for repeated measurements at or near the same weight. This would be expected if one were trying to make up for cheap hardware with a simple algorithm. It is, afterall, designed to weigh humans and at least appear to be accurate. So hardware that is accurate to +/- 5 lb might appear to be closer to +/- 1 lb. Yes, this is apparently the sort of stupid shet I do when I'm bored. :rolleyes:
So what with the aftermath of the icepocalypse still ongoing the wife has been keeping me appraised of all the looting stories being posted to our various community boards. I told her fine, I will get off my bubblegum and go post the "You loot, we shoot" signs around the neighborhood. She said "No don't do that! You want signs that makes the looters feel comfortable! Something like 'love always wins.'" I commented that they would probably consider that hunting over bait, and that is illegal. Then I had an idea. Gentlemen, I present to you the newest member of the family, A Little Love:

View attachment 1807597

Now I can post her signs and they aren't even wrong! How can anyone have a problem with that if they have been explicitly warned Love does always win! He's got 50 rounds of 10mm on tap, how can he lose? I submit to the jury that the looters were duly warned and therefore the predictable results are their fault.
Tell her that you painted little tiny-weenie hearts on all the bullets.

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