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    So, I have a friend who's a single mom, doesn't have a ton of money, but wants to buy a pistol or two. She'd like a small 9mm for carry and a .22 so she can teach her kids to shoot. Well guess what? She can't afford both with the current prices and trying to pay bills. So she calls me the other day to ask if I can help her find a decently priced gun. I say sure, I know this great website, you can buy used guns from nice guys at good prices. Then I hop on the site and start looking...

    ... only to discover that all of the guns that fall into the (usually) affordable and reliable category are priced so high that there's no way she can afford any of them. I was actually ashamed that she was looking at the same guns here that I was. Now, she's looking at buying a .22 LR for protection because its the only thing she can afford.

    I also sold a gun on here not too long ago. Someone PM'd me to mention that the gun was going for $100 more than I had listed it for. I know. I listed it where I did because that's what I bought it for used, and I don't feel right making another hundred bucks when I know that it could keep a good, hard working person from buying a good gun, just because everyone else is doing it.

    Now I do understand a free market economy. If people want to pay double what something normally costs just because the governmental boogeyman is threatening to take them away, that's on them. But we as a group can reverse that trend and help new shooters and fellow gun owners get into shooting.

    So the point of this rant is, I suppose, it's easy to do something if everyone else is doing it. It's a little harder to do the right thing when it's not popular. So to all of you who raised your prices, thanks for keeping hard-working single moms from buying decent defensive pistols. Thanks for keeping hard-working guys from being able to buy ammo so they can take their wife out and let her practice.

    When everyone everywhere is trying to get our guns and ammo taken away, we as responsible gun owners should be supporting each other. We can keep prices low enough on forums like this that everyone can buy guns and ammo and afford to shoot them.
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    I hate to send anyone away from this site but I understand your argument... Here is an example of something I found at GB. Good luck to your friend!
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    You know, I'd be better off if everybody quit using so much gasoline, the price would go down and then I could justify driving just for pleasure again. So how about it? Maybe if gas got cheap enough again I could afford to buy the high-end Remington 1911 i've been wanting? Yeah, every body quite buying the stuff my non-working neighbors want and the price will go down so they can afford to buy everthing they've been wanting too.
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    What ever happened to the "barter system?"
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    Pleanty of 22 ammo at the Rickreall show around the tables though.....some are 'Greedy'
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    Often people get caught up in the economic theories of it all and forget in the end, there are people involved. To save davemata the time, this comment does not make me a socialist.

    Ismath1, if you ever make it over to Bend, I'll give you 50 rounds of .22LR. I've always wanted to support the arts, too...

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    When I left for AFG on New Years Day 2010 gas was around $1.89 a gallon. I came home last November and the price has doubled. Talk about culture shock!! Why is no one raising hell about this? Not to make it political but if there were a Republican in the white house I can't help but think people would be.

    I've heard people say the price of gas now is better than when it was $4.25 a gallon so they don't mind paying it. This type on logic concerns me with guns and ammo. When the frenzy dies the price will fall (a little) and we'll all be thankful we aren't paying the prices we were in the spring of 2013 only to have the prices 50% more than they were before the frenzy hit.

    Has anyone's pay gone up to keep pace? Mine hasn't.

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