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    I've been looking for an IFAK bag lately and had been having a hell of a time finding one that was...
    • The right size...not too big, not too small
    • Belt mountable
    • Detachable
    • Reasonably priced - Of the few bags like this that do exist, most are in the $60-$80 range
    And then I stumbled on the below. For $21. It will hold two full size Hyfin vented chest seals, a pack of Quick Clot, and Isreali bandage, a decompression needle, a #28 NPA, pen, tape, shears, and either a CAT or SOFT-T Wide TQ. And it will do it without you losing your mind to try and figure out how to make it all fit. And if you move the TQ into a stand alone pouch, there's plenty of room to toss in some other stuff like regular bandages and such.

    Anyway, I'm not affiliated in any way with this. I just thought some others might be interested and it's never a bad idea to remind folks on the importance of carrying medical gear. There's more photos and dimensions at the link. :)

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    I was an EMT as a collateral duty onboard the Submarine. One of the key things it taught me was always have good safety gear no matter what you're doing.

    I've got a small red backpack that I keep in my truck but nothing that I keep on me or my work backpack.

    Would this be the perfect size for that application? As well as hiking?
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