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I shipped my AR off to Bushmaster for some repair work. I had perfect timing seeing as how my shipment ended up in the middle of then transferring everything from one warehouse to another. Two months later I get my AR back. It's been so long it's like it's my first AR :) haha.

I had them replace the raised carbon upper, which was chipping, with the carbon flat-top upper. It seems they did some updated of the materials used. The composite feels different, better, and they also added a dust cover and forward assist, not available on the version I had. They also threw in a standard Bushmaster hard case for free, plus all the work and new upper were all covered under the warranty. Overall I am very happy, now I just need new rear sights. Also just out of curiosity, can I remove the front sight? It appears to be held in place by two pins, but they look like have "heads" on them on both sides, is this normal?

bushmaster uses 1/8" dowel pins, as i recall. use a 3/32nd punch. i'd punch them from driver's side to passenger, just to be sure. if they're 2/0 tapers, driving them the wrong direction will just drive them in deeper and ruin the pins.

why do you want to take it off?
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