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    Good Morning, I have a few USMC Woodland MARPAT Gore Tex jackets (what can I say? Their CAMO is just better than the US Army's, "Digital Rock Quarry", sadly my Alma Mater). They see some rough use, but they are built hell for stout. I also have a TRU-SPEC MARPAT jacket, not as well made.

    While out hunting, the right side flap pocket got torn on the USMC jacket, so I decided to try out a semi-local, mail order GORE TEX repair shop "Rainy Day Pass" in Seattle, WA. This being a non-granola, evil Military jacket so I emailed first for clearance to ship, they were AOK with that, so off it went.

    About a week passed and I got a phone call. They had tested all the seams for water proof'ness(??). The repair quote was reasonable ($105.00) so I said get 'er done and forgot about it. About three weeks went by when a package arrived.

    The workmanship is superb. Now, the outer fabric repair was pretty typical, but inside, the seam taping and repair was top shelf. They used the better three (-03-) inch wide GORE SEAM TAPE, not the chincy one (-01-) inch tape that is used on the TRU-SPEC jacket. The seam tape workmanship is so stout that I cannot get a fingernail under the edge of the seam tape. I am impressed. Impressed enough to send them the TRU-SPEC jacket to re seam tape and fix all the half-assed bungy cord adjustment gizmos that have disintegrated over time.

    You do get what you pay for. The TRU-SPEC jackets seem like a bargain at $90.00 but you can get the real deal on EBAY for a few dollars more. You decide.

    The good folks at Rainy Day Pass do more than GORE TEX repair work, if you have been of outdoor gear repair, I would highly recommend them.
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