Go RV'ing, Wind Up In Shallow Grave


My wife doesn't answer the door unless she knows the person and when I do it, its with pistol in hand behind my back. ;)
I don't always carry in my home, because it's a quiet city generally, but there are always handguns and long guns within reach, especially at the front door where there's a .357... there's always the Joe Biden method. :eek:


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I don't always carry in my home, because it's a quiet city generally, but there are always handguns and long guns within reach, especially at the front door where there's a .357... there's always the Joe Biden method. :eek:
If I'm upright I have one on me and a back up with in arms reach.
U.S. bars generally make sucky Margaritas because they use mix instead of real lime juice etc. But I do like big punchbowl glasses and crushed ice. Oh well.
If you drank a punchbowl at the ratios listed, you'd be drunk off your butt or passed out.

I was in an airport in the midwest...forgot where exactly...at a little bar with a Mexican theme. I didn't see a classic margarita on the menu so I gave the bartender the ingredients and ratios and she made me what I wanted. An older lady sitting at the bar looked over and asked me what I ordered. I said, this is a margarita. She looked at me, the drink, back to me like I was crazy and said...that's not a margarita....

Sure lady...I only grew up in a place that was Mexican territory 160 years ago and a hop and a skip from the current border...but what do I know about anything Mexican? :rolleyes:
Last time I camped in a state park a guy walked into my camp in the dark after circling by a few times in a car. .my normally freindly pooch stop him in his tracks. After hearing his b.s. It was required to tell him he to depart now .it was the last I seen of him. there were ulterior motives of some sort .I was not going to be politically correct long enough to find out what they were.
I said neither 'idealistic idiots' or ones back yard. What I said was:
Indeed, you did not. My apologies if it appears that I was putting words in your mouth; that wasn't my intent. I was using my own paraphrasing of your fuller sentence: Kinda like these idealistic people who go travel to well known dangerous areas of the world for whatever reasons and wind up Kidnapped, killed or never heard from again. (i.e. idiots)
It really makes me angry the millions we spend defending everyone else's borders but, we cannot even protect our own!:mad: We need a president that will tell the libtards/demoncraps to shut the HEDOUBLEHOCKEYSTICKS up and build this wall. Then we need to properly arm our border agents with tools and support!

Guess I'm a racist again!:s0140::rolleyes:
Totally agree...as a veteran I can attest to other countries values and control...we have things so well here, and people don't even start to realize it.
2 parts tequila (blanco or reposado)
1 part lime juice
1/2 part grand marnier
1/4 part dark/raw agave syrup

Add over ice. Shake. Strain into glass (I’m actually fond of martini glasses as the wide rim is good for holding salt and the above makes just under 5oz if using 1.5oz shots, which fills a martini glass to the brim).

There. I just saved you a trip to Mexico ;).
That’s how it’s done. Using a blender and pre-made mix is for rookies.
Yep and it's only a matter of time until a cartel - or a 'consortium' of several attempt an coup d'etat on the Mexican governemnt.
Heck, if the country had to release El Chapos son to PREVENT violence what sort of weakness will be displayed next?
Just remember - the USA does not negotiate with terrorists
Unless of course, the man's name is Bo Bergdahl and we trade one traitor for 5 high value Al Queda operatives.

Remind me again why people like Obama?


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Which is why you always keep your head on swivel and only trust those the you truly know. Yep its sad but that is what this world is coming to. :(
Well, avoiding sh1thole places like Mexico seems to be the easiest solution
Dear wife and my own.lives are worth way more tha real margaritas, cheap meds, lovely beaches or great leather goods.
Mexico is and for the foreseeable future will be a failed state.
We will spend our time and money in safer places.


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