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Go RV'ing, Wind Up In Shallow Grave


Mexico is and for the foreseeable future will be a failed state.
We will spend our time and money in safer places.
Mexico is a huge country. The government and cartels are so intermixed to me they are one and the same. That said, there has to be areas in Mexico neither are interested in. Say the South Dakota of Mexico.

The place is too big to run rough shot everywhere. That's one reason I don't buy everyone rushing the border. There are places of relative safety.
And then there's this... yet another casualty of not using sense when traveling Oregon's back roads: 'Seinfeld' actor Charles Levin's body found decomposed, scavenged by animals in remote part of Oregon: report

Turkey vultures had themselves a feast!!
Holy moly that’s a weird one! Lost in June? Fiat hitting trees? What in the world?

I remember that sad event when a CNET presenter died after making some really bad decisions crossing the cascades in the middle of winter. As I recall his wife and child stayed with the car and a helicopter found them alive. But this one is really strange.


Huh drug induced suicide by Turkey vulture that is strange. I had a deer that got hit by a car do the same thing in my yard a year ago!!:p:D

To soon? Prayers to the family!!



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