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National Gillibrand: Prosecuting Gun Owners Who Don’t Turn Arms Over to Feds a ‘Strong’ Idea



Fair market compensation.
If we’re demanded to do so under threat of law, the US gov has to pay the bill. Every cent. Sure, I too wont comply.. unless it means getting x5-x10 the value of my firearms, tax free. And even then there are items I have that Ive bled for work wise.. firearms that hold such sentimental value no check will ever be enough.

No way in hell gun owners will comply, let alone throw away hundreds, thousands or in some cases tens of thousands of dollars all because some group of fecal finger anti gun zealot hacks demand it.

Even if they got us to comply.. They seriously think we’ll just turn guns in without any compensation? Not to mention having tons of (then) useless mags and ammo we aren't compensated for either?

It would have to be a package deal for some complying gun owners to even consider it. So again, billions just for a buy back. Those cheap bastards wont shell out the cash. And legally, this would get tossed up in the levels in court if no grandfather clause was available either. Making a legal mess of things.. which is probably why they (liberals and rinos) threatened the SC recently.

No way it can be done. Banning new manufacture, mag capacity limits, ammo BGC’s and incentivized “buy backs” are all they can actually do. Its all a pipe dream in their slow minded heads
"if you are arrested for using an assault weapon, you’re going to have an aggravated felony. The whole point is when you make it a crime to own an assault weapon, then if you are found using it, that would be the issue."

Using it for what, exactly, Kirsten?
Competition? Hunting? Plinking? Murder? All the same thing? A rat is a cat is a dog is a boy, is that where we're headed?

This gal is as bad as Bernie when it comes to answering pointed questions... obfuscate and defer to talking points and NOBODY ever says, "Okay, you don't like the NRA, got it. What I asked you was do you endorse prison-time for AR15 owners... yes or no?". That's a pretty simple question and MILLIONS of legal AR owners deserve to know where each and every candidate stands on that. Yes, that includes Trump. All of em are dancing around it w vague threats... SAY IT!

I'd LOVE to interview any one (or ALL) of them... the funniest part would be that I'd only have to "prepare" one, maybe two questions and it would fill a solid hour with blather and bubblegum while I asked the same thing over and over without an answer.

Why do I think that would be funny? Because I'd be making faces at the camera. Maybe farting some, that's usually funny. If things got real bad I'd do shadow puppets or make balloon animals. Unprofessional? Yep. Just like CNN... only, u know... better.
That's the kinda talk that gets you Red Flagged if not charged with "terroristic threats"... :p

A threat against who exactly? It’s merely a statement of fact... ever see or hear of a corpse do anything except decay?

Diamondback, well said. Some people on this board are just thick headed. How many times do you have to warn them?


Who are YOU calling “thick”?

I wonder why the other Ds did not bring out her Dad's connection to the N something or other initialed sex/religious/cult group in NY state?

I am shocked that no one has her investigated for all of that crapola and IF she knew what was going on. The Seagram's heiress was involved with it too. The goofy SICKO CULT MAN BRANDED WOMEN AND KIDS WITH TATS AS IF THEY WERE HIS SLAVES.

Plus she goes on and on about female rights and all of the crime that has been done to WOMEN USING GUNS! So why doesn't she say that a female who owned a gun might have been able to DEFEND HERSELF from being KIDNAPPED, recruited, lied to and involved in any manner whatsoever with this OLD news story?!

Is she a CHICKEN to tell the truth?!

I would ask her outright if she was standing in front of me but NO one said squat to her in that long CSPAN SEMINAR with the Mommy group tied into Blommberg's group that I watched/listened to the other day.

This CULT SCANDAL - RELIGIOUS/MIND CONTROL/SEX SLAVE STORY has been all over the news within the last year or so.

This female candidate used to be considered a moderate pro gun candidate UP there in her district for some time.



"if you are arrested for using an assault weapon, you’re going to have an aggravated felony. The whole point is when you make it a crime to own an assault weapon, then if you are found using it, that would be the issue."
Think about that.

If you’re committing a crime, presumably a violent crime, the most important thing is not the robbery or murder, it’s the gun.

How about this, “Commit a felony using a gun and you go to jail.


End of story. “

None of this BS of a felon with 19(!!!) convictions even being in society? THAT sounds like the crime to me.

Use a gun? One way trip to prison. Permanently.

Guns are used every day by millions of Americans without harm to any one.

Crimes though are ALWAYS committed by criminals IN EVERY CASE.

Let’s ban criminals not guns.



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