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I have a few hundred geese on my property as I write. I want to scare them. They are here every day.

I am looking for a type of shotgun shell that I used to get from a Washington State Game Warden that fired from a 12g shotgun with hardly any noise, would go a hundred feet or so and then would explode with a loud bang.

Any ideas what these type of shells are called and where I might find them?

Thanks for the help.
get a pair of Barn Owls. the Barn Owls motto - If it flies it Dies. They use a pair ast SafeCo Field to keep the seagulls under control andaway from the park.
I see you are in Salem. Check out Blackwater Tactical they have them in stock all the time. They are however pretty expensive at $7 per shot. Jason has the "tactical" ones so they cost more but he told me that you can buy the kind wineries use and he thought they were cheaper. That's the only place I have seen them though.
You could try Coastal Farm supply or a farm supply store closer to you.
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