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Up for trade is a garland cast iron cook stove with nickel plating. These are awesome as they double as a decoration and a preparedness item. They are awesome to look at, and in an emergency or even just a power outage can cook your dinner! Only getting rid of as we have a couple others. This one is pretty cool as it isn't to big but has lots of cook space. It is also pretty ornate/fancy with out being bulky. These seem to start out at 500$ and on up to a few grand depending on brand/condition/features. This one is in good serviceable condition, not perfect but looks good and could absolutely be used. Some people will also convert them to gas stoves. Mostly looking to trade and will list links to some ideas below, mainly interested in guns and/or ammo.

IMG_7583.jpg IMG_7585.jpg IMG_7584.jpg
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