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FX Impact and all the extras

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I’m selling my FX Impact 25 caliber air rifle and everything that comes with it. I’ve used it only once and that was when I zeroed the scope. The scope and bi-pod are not included in this offer.

I want to sell everything in one lot. I can’t sell piece by piece. You have to pick up. I won’t send through the mail.

Below is what I paid for everything. I rounded up one penny - Example: $1999.99 to $2000.00
$2000.00 Impact Rifle
$400.00 Extra 25cal. Barrel
$700.00 Air Venturi Cylinder Pump
$300.00 FX Carbon Fiber Cylinder w/ Valve, 480cc
$80.00 FX Impact Magazine
$200.00 Backup Hand Pump
$95.00 Five cans (350 count each can) Exact King 25 caliber Pellets. Total 1,750 pellets
$3775. Total is what I paid. I've posted several photos of the price I actually paid for each item.

Will sell everything for $3,200 - OBO

Last year when I placed my order with Airgun Depot for all of these items, I was told it would be approx. 2 months to receive my full order….I waited 6 months before receiving the rifle and another 2 months for the Air Venturi compressor. The long wait is because FX Impact is made in Sweden and they are far behind on backorders. They still are. Sooo, if you’re thinking of buying an FX Impact with everything you will need, you will end up waiting at least 8 months to receive your complete order.


Watch Matt Dubber using/reviewing the FX Impact on his Youtube channel. It is his personal Youtube channel and is not copyrighted.

You can also go to airgun depot to confirm what I paid and what you will pay if you go through them. I will never use this weapon so I want to sell it all.

Airgun Depot Website
FX Impact X, Black | Pre-charged pneumatic Air Rifle | Airgun Depot

Youtube video review of FX Impact by AirArmsHuntingSA (Matt Dubber)

Air Tank Screenshot.png
Barrel Screenshot.png
Compressor 2.jpg
Compressor 3.jpg
Extra Cylander and Magazines copy.jpg
FX Impact Hard Case.png
Hand Pump 1.jpg
Impact in Case.jpg
Impact Rifle.png
Magazine Screenshot.png
Nomenclature FX Airgun.png
Pellets Barrel Cylander.jpg
Pellets Screenshot.png
Pump Screenshot.png
Rifle Screenshot.png
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