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Finished this one up late yesterday. Test fired last night/this morning on my private range. Suppressors and subs make for good neighbors. Didn't even wake up the wife.

Started with a factory Ruger American in .300 Blackout. Nice rifle, but the 16" barrel is not optimal with this cartridge. Owner requested the barrel to be chopped, and his suppressor to be pinned and welded to meet the 16" OAL requirement in order to avoid further government theft tax.

Started with the stripped barreled action in the cats head fixture on my big lathe. Anyone ever see the Russian lathe video? Best not to Google it... 30 degrees in the shop and I am all bundled up. Safety first. Indicated off a best fit pin gauge in the muzzle to eliminate radial and angular run-out. Threads were cut single point to a tight class 3 for the best possible fit with the can. Crown was re-cut to 11 degrees. Test fit was performed with the barrel still mounted in the lathe. Bore alignment was also checked. Gravy. Pulled it from the lathe and started prepping for the pin and weld. After the proper hole depth was determined, masking tape and a Sharpie were utilized so I don't forget while the wife and I go to the store. Set up in the Bridgeport, leveled the action and found center of the barrel. A small spot face was added before the hole was drilled. Now over to the TIG. Cut and ground a section of stainless rod to fit just above flush with the spot face. Quick zap and the deed was done. Didn't even burn myself this time. A rare occurrence when I am using a welder. The last step was to relieve the front of the stock to give clearance for the suppressor.

Ended up being a little front heavy, but still very handy. An optic will help balance it a bit. I think the owner will be happy with it. Now back to waiting for this snow to come....

20240112_133629.jpg 20240112_151917.jpg 20240112_152631.jpg 20240112_155041.jpg 20240112_225926.jpg 20240112_232048.jpg 20240113_003132.jpg

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