For Sale ... 1972 HONDA XL MOTORCYCLE .... $450.00

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    For Sale ... 1972 HONDA XL MOTORCYCLE ....

    NOT RUNNING AT THIS TIME ... HAS A VAPOR LOCK PROBLEM IN THE CARBURATOR . Will run fine ... then stops running ... If you take carb off and empty of gas .... Then put it back on ... it will run fine again for a while then stop running again .... also the kick start occasionally skips or slips , but does work most of the time ... Easy fix for those that are mechanically blessed .... Has huge back sprocket and is slow , but can pull stumps . Has a big dent on gas tank ... Great for just putting around or hunting ... Have smaller sprocket that goes with it that will gear it up some .... plus some new spark plugs .....

    $450.00 cash or will trade for some kind of gun or shotgun of equal value . I am told just the parts on this 1972 is worth more then the $500.00 if you parted it out .... But should be a easy fix for someone that knows what they are doing ...... There is no title , but I will write you a sales slip .... Email for more pictures .... ...

    EMAIL ME with any questions or about the gun you have for trade ... or Call DOUG at 503-363-6232 ( Jefferson Oregon ) ... leave a message if not home .... Thanks !!!

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