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FNX 40 failure to feed.

Discussion in 'Handgun Discussion' started by fatamos33, Mar 18, 2015.

  1. fatamos33

    fatamos33 Oregon Member

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    Hey everyone, I am having an issue with my FNX 40. The issue started a few months ago when i went to the range and put about 80 reloaded rounds through it when rounds started catching on feed ramp. At 1st it just seemed to be an issue with the rounds. Then it would cycle the 1st round then catch again. We would then re rack, fire and jam. We tried some critical defense ammo and that didnt work either. The rounds that wouldnt we put through a S&W shield they cycled and fired just fine. Anybody have any advice?
  2. coop44

    coop44 Tacoma ,WA Well-Known Member

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    don't shoot reloads and expect them to work all the time sounds like they don't have enough crimp and the case mouth is dragging on the ramp. OAL may also be an issue, my fnp 45 magazines will not feed ammo that is a tad too long.
  3. fatamos33

    fatamos33 Oregon Member

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    The problem is that it went from only catching on a couple to literally everything. Even brand new critical defense ammo. I would rack my slide then when I fired the 1st round it would catch on the second.
  4. Riot

    Riot Benton County, Washington Well-Known Member

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    Couple questions...

    Did you do anything new with your gun? Any modifications or changes (new springs, new magazines, etc.)?
    Do you think you may have put anything together wrong? Reversed the magazine follower/spring?

    Check the slide grooves and the exterior of the barrel for any burrs...
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  5. Fast Eddie

    Fast Eddie Vancouver Well-Known Member

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    A few thoughts and questions, I could be way off base here, so don't be offended or feel I am talking down to you. You might be much more knowledgable and experienced than I am giving you credit for in my questions and comments.

    Not that there's any shame in not having much experience. I'm just trying to answer your question as best I can.

    How May rounds have you fired through the pistol? Is it still in its break in period?

    I own an fNX45 and an FNS9 and have shot a few other FNH pistols, and I really like them, they have all performed well for me. These guns are repudiated to have stiff springs and the issues you describe are not rare.

    Before you start any internet recommended "gun smithing"on this fine pistol, (like snipping the springs) there are some additional break in techniques you can employ to see if it resolves your issue. Many are posted and stickied in the FNX section of the FN Forum.

    Do you shoot cup and saucer or thumbs forward?

    I watched this happen a few weeks back, a friend got a new FNX9.He shot it cup and saucer right out of the box. After watching repeated muzzle flips and failures to feed! I told them him he was limp wristing. It didn't compute, no one wants to hear this.

    I loaded and successfully ran 2 magazines flawlessly through the pistol. After he had that figured out, he enjoyed a wonderful range day with his new Pistol.

    I'm not saying that IS your problem, be open to the possibility, you might think it's not, and it still could be. 40 is a snappy round, so check the muzzle rise on your shots with this gun.

    Have an experienced shooter watch you shoot and offer observations. We all can benefit from this, no matter what level of proficiency you are. Take some video, it might provide some insights for you.

    I've done it, it's a chance you take to save a few bucks and go shooting.
    It's possible that something got marred and what formerly wasn't a catch point for regular ammo, now is, due to the $hithouse reloads catching at some spot on the feed ramp and excaserbating that spot. So even if you correct a shooting technique you could still have that issue that remains.

    I would inspect the feed ramp, is it smooth? Are there any obvious burrs, gouges or scratches? If so that needs to be addressed. Be careful about removing material from your barrel, once you remove it, you can't put it back.

    Clean the gun, it after cleaning the gun meticulously, get a little mothers polishing compound, use a cloth and spend some time polishing the ramp by hand. Work the spring, even storing it with the action open for a week.
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