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Earlier in the evening, after the family finally came home, the little girl was insistent, despite the cold, that we go "see stars". The better half talked me into it and, after bundling up, we hiked the hill a short ways to see said. I slung the Lupara because there are critters and it wouldn't be unheard of for the two-legged kind making an unannounced appearance. It was unloaded outside and was on my desk before being locked back up. The little girl bobbles in and points to the top-lever and says "this helps it pew", then points to the open chambers and says "batteries go here to make it pew".

Now that they are winding down for sleepy time, I created a handy guide, based upon the aforementioned informative discussion:

Oh well, her three year old brother was quite adamant he wanted to "catch a star". Life is nothing if not a learning process. :s0112:
The safety on one of my ARs (Aero lower) says "No Pew", "Pew", and "Pew Pew Pew"... she'd probably get a kick out of that.

Haha, probably. Both of my children call all firearms "a Pew", for reasons I still don't know.

For now, we've been showing them the Eddie Eagle shows on gun safety and they've seemed to absorb the the message "Don't touch. Tell an adult." A few months back, I placed a carbine on the kitchen table for my wife to see and handle. The littlest one came running in and said "don't touch ... mom and dah-do, there's a pew!" We thank him and he scampered off. Alas, that carbine did not work out for us, but it was good to know the wee one had the drill down.

Anyway, I found her view cute. In the coming years, we'll provide training and instruction on a BB gun and later firearms to both the little people. Both with the family and more formal instruction. Goodness know they grow up so fast, so that will come soon enough. But, I have meandered off the topic enough. Best of wishes, friends.
I like the casual , "lets not make a big deal out this..." approach to your guns and firearm safety , that you use in your home.

At one Rendezvous where I was shooting a original flintlock , while giving a demonstration , I had a little boy call the rifle a "Boom , Smoka , smoka , gun"...:D
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