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Federal HST 150 GR 9mm P9HST5S

Discussion in 'Ammunition & Reloading' started by pietro beretta, Apr 29, 2016.

  1. pietro beretta

    pietro beretta Spokane, WA Active Member 2016 Volunteer

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    I really want to get my hands on the new Federal HST 150 GR 9mm (P9HST5S) my my P938.

    Its starting to become available online right now, but at $23.00/20 + 10.00 shipping, its just not worth buying it online. Does anyone happen to know of any local retailers that carry this?

    The people who don't have and/or can't get any to order: SafeFire, Sporting Systems, Cabelas, Sportsmans Warehouse, NW Armory, Big5, BiMart.

    The last time I picked up some personal defense rounds was online at Bone Frog Gun Club, they are selling the 50 round packs of HST 147 GR for 22.50. Shipping was expensive, $13 for two boxes but still a better deal than the 20 round boxes.
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  2. Dyjital

    Dyjital Albany, Ore Flavorite Member Bronze Supporter

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    HST.... These look similar to the XTP line.

    I considered picking up 147gr for the 9mm, but I ended up with 124 since that's what I shoot for practice. (125gr HPR)

    I'm thinking I may need to get a box of 147+ gr ammo for it and see how they perform for an uneducated guy.
  3. H0ffers

    H0ffers Milton WA Member

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    I know I'm a little late but targetsportsUSA.com had a bunch in different grain flavors. I bought 400 of the 147s a couple months ago. Worth a shot to look. It was in the ballpark of 200 bucks. If you buy 1000 it's free shipping