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This was classic.

I’ve been trying to exercise more while my two oldest boys are in jr. football. After all, there’s a great running track at the practice field, so why not do some jogging? Unfortunately my non-supportive running shoes combined with other out-of-shape fat-factors have helped me get a nasty case of Shin Splints in under three days (they’re not going away even after two weeks). Ugh.

Not wanting to give up on the exercise effort, but wanting to deal with the Shin Splints, I decided to look at getting new running shoes yesterday, so at the suggestion of one of you on this board I went to a specialty store in Seattle (I’ll leave their name out). 10 minutes into the shoe fitting, we were talking about how my lungs were reacting poorly, even though I use an elliptical trainer and do other weight training exercises a few times a week. The store owner explained this was normal, and asked for other factors.

Well, I’m out of shape, have not run for sport in well over 10 years, and am an avid cigar smoker. He explained that time will address the “out of shape” and “over 10 year” absence issues. He then encouraged cigar smoking as a form of “resistance training”… keep it up!

So there you go folks – cigar smoking is a healthy addition to any exercise program as a part of the resistance training needed to round out the effort.

Have fun staying in shape!
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