Egyptian people are "freer than we are" in America.

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    The Egyptians have more freedom than we do

    Welcome to The Michael Savage Newsletter, your daily insider report on all things "Savage."

    In today's issue: Dr. Savage delivered his "Independence Day speech," noting ruefully that at this point, it looks as if the Egyptian people are "freer than we are" in America.

    He blamed the general public's indifference, a lack of a real "loyal opposition" political party and even the U.S. military for this sad state of affairs.

    "America has become a locked-down police state under the Obama administration," Dr. Savage declared, warning:

    You haven't seen anything yet.

    We have no military to protect us from these despots in the White House.

    A small number of people in the administration are controlling the entire country, and there are 350 million people acting like slaves.

    We don't even have the brains to say, "Enough is enough!"

    We don't have an opposition party, either.

    Never forget it: The Egyptian people are freer than we are.

    Your president and attorney general are spying — not on the imams, not on the mosques where they are training for revolution with live ammunition — they are spying on you.

    You wonder what you can do about it. Well, look at the Egyptians.

    They were powerless, I thought. But there are a million of them in the streets.

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