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I've transferred a couple cans through them in times past. Easy-peasy to work with, which is all I care about with an FFL/SOT.

For whatever it is worth, the one time I transfered a silencer through Rogue River Sporting Goods was an absolute dumpster-fire. I'll never work with them again. YMMV.
I am a bit miffed at them for their refusal to do a three day release, even with my CHL. Also their insistence on doing an Oregon BGC even after I pointed out the instructions.
Umpqua Survival, but I may look for a shop in the GP area. The problem is that it takes a minute to get approval, so who knows what fudd will be there then.
Looks like the Armory in GP has a Silencer shop kiosk. Never been, dunno about the shop.

Black Flag (out of Medford) just opened another shop up in GP. Medford shop is pretty darned decent! Dealt with them a whole bunch since we moved down here. Got our suppresses thru them (silencershop). Medford shop has a kiosk. Dunno about the new store tho.

-Oh and had to do a 4473 as last step of suppressor pickup. However was NOT Oregon background check. Just transfer of suppressors from shop to me. This was last week.
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