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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Kevatc, Apr 20, 2011.

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    Poll: Tea Party Not on Board Medicare/Medicaid Cuts

    "In a recent McClatchy-Marist poll, 70 percent of ‘tea party supporters’ strongly opposed cutting the healthcare plan for the elderly and indigent, compared to about 80 percent of registered voters."

    Something about this just tickles me. The Tea Party seems to have an had an attitude that everybody's financial ox will need to be gored .... except this particular ox. Just a hunch but the Tea Party demographic might have just more than a little bit to do with their change in ox goring attitude.
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    I don't know enough about it but sometimes that can help too.

    Could it be that they believe that the seniors that paid into that all their life expecting it to be there and needing it actually deserve it for paying into it. Then they believe that the cuts need to come from other places where the money is being wasted or used against the people?

    We have a massive healthcare problem but taking it out on those that actually paid into is no the place to start. I see HUGE places where money is wasted and the system is abused to a point it is not funny on a weekly basis at work.

    Agan I am not well informed on it, but those are my thoughts.
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