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    i just bought a dillon rapid trim 1200 with a 223 trim die and 308 trim die. i have a few questions...before i was running my 223 brass thru my rcbs small base size die, trimming on a hand trimmer and then hand deburring and chamfering.....that got old!

    so the 1200 trim die is a full length size die? do i set it up same as my rcbs die? run it down till it touches shell holder(single stage) and tighten it down? does it full length size the cases?
    i know i need to deprime and size the mouth of the case, whats the best way to do that?

    do i need to size all my brass with my rcbs small base die and then run them, through the trim die?

    is it better ran on a 550b? i have an extra tool head i can use for prep

    if ran on a 550b what is your setup?

    give details please, im wanting to get it setup properly
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    The RT 1200 needs two separate adjustments. The best way to set it up is to have a case gauge handy. First set the sizing die, which is a F/L die. Lube up a few cases and run them through just that station, adjusting until the case head falls between flush with the end of the gauge and flush with the bottom of the depression ground in the gauge to show minimum headspace length. Once this is done then use the same cases to set the trimmer for length by screwing the motor body down until you have your desired length. Be sure and lock both the die and the motor real well. The Motor has a lot of starting torque and will work itself loose after a start or two if the lock nuts aren't real tight.

    I run mine on a 650 but the process wouldn't be a lot different on a 550. Set up a universal de-priming die at the case feed station. Set up the trimmer at any of the remaining stations where you have room for the motor and vacuum collection collar. Use some Dillon Spray lube. Spray a bunch of cases in a big zip lock bag, shake up, pour out on a tray and let dry. Feed the cases through the press, advancing as normal.

    Remember, the RT1200 sizing die does not expand the case neck as a standard sizing die. This has not been an issue for me when I'm loading FMJ-BT's as the bullet acts as the expander when being seated. This might be a problem if using flat base bullets. When I use them I just put a Lee Collet Die in the first station as I proceed with the loading process. Since I've cleaned all my cases after the de-prime, size/trim process, I don't have to add any lube with the Lee Collet die.

    I just set the collet die so it barely "squeezes" the case neck, it's there mostly to just expand the case neck. It also helps to assure that the case is properly located in the shell plate before moving on to the next station.

    I have never had to use a small base die with any of my .223/5.56 brass. It all works great in any of my three AR's. If you find the need you could run the cases through the small base die first by setting it at station 1 on your 550. You'll just get a little more working of the brass and maybe need to anneal in order to get max reloads out of the cases.
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    Although Deadshot gives a good lesson, you can always call Dillon and they will lead you thru directions for any of their products.

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