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DGU: Defensive Gun Use

Discussion in 'Legal & Political Archive' started by RicInOR, Mar 11, 2014.

  1. RicInOR

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    Typical exchange [added]

    "Kleine [police spokesman] deemed the shooting justified, saying that Green [homeowner shooter victim] was fearful for his life, wasn't the one to provoke the incident and had no place to go.

    Matlock's [guy who broke in] family says the incident is a misunderstanding and that the 19-year-old wouldn't have broken into someone else's house without a reason."

    Note the non=castle doctrine statement "no place to go"
  2. RicInOR

    RicInOR Washington County Bronze Supporter Bronze Supporter

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    There seem to have been a bunch of DGU reports this week
    If you want the links goto http://www.reddit.com/r/dgu

    [3/6/14] Blount Co. (TN) man holds burglar at gunpoint until deputies arrive (wate.com)
    [3/6/14] Detroit (MI) man shoots at intruders, killing one in latest home invasion (detroitnews.com)
    [3/6/14] Evansville (IN) man found not guilty of murder (14news.com)
    [3/6/14] Homeowner allegedly shoots would-be burglar (Aiken, SC) (aikenstandard.com)
    [3/6/14] Houston (TX) cop shoots burglar outside his home (theeagle.com)
    [3/6/14] Man shoots, kills alleged intruder in Jackson (MS) (wjtv.com)
    [3/6/14] Resident shoots at getaway vehicle after break-in (Davidson County, NC) (the-dispatch.com)
    [3/6/14] Shot fired during break-in (Leicester, NC) (citizen-times.com)
    [3/7/14] DA justifies lack of charges in death of veteran (Albuquerque, NM) (kob.com)
    [3/7/14] Man shoots hand trying to ward off intruder (Bozeman, MT) (x-post from/r/gunmishaps) (helenair.com)
    [3/7/14] Multiple Shots Fired during Overnight Home Invasion (Lauderdale County, MS) (wtok.com)
    [3/8/14] At least 1 person shot during home invasion in Arlington (FL) (members.jacksonville.com)
    [3/8/14] Burglary Suspect Shot Multiple Times by Homeowner (Kitts Hill, OH) (woub.org)
    [3/8/14] East Point (GA) dad shoots at crooks to protect kids in home invasion (wsbtv.com)
    [3/8/14] Man kills intruder during home invasion-No charges to be filed (Omaha, NE) (ketv.com)
    [3/8/14] Man shot by off-duty officer in Lawndale (Philadelphia, PA) (philly.com)
    [3/8/14] Shooting Victim Dies; Shooter Claims Self Defense (Columbus, OH) (nbc4i.com)
    [3/9/14] Armed husband shoots, kills would-be robber (Houston, TX) (m.click2houston.com)
    [3/9/14] Cleveland (OH) man fired shot at intruder, police say (cleveland.com)
    [3/9/14] Couple Hit by Jeep, Victim Shoots at Suspect (Corpus Christi, TX) (kiiitv.com)
    [3/9/14] Off-duty officer shoots man in Lawndale (PA) (articles.philly.com)
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