converted Hawk 982 to use Knoxx recoil reducing stock

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    Hey all, If any of you have a Hawk 982, the Chinese clone of the Remington 870 and want to put a different stock on it heres some tips.

    1.The receiver nut is metric not standard and will take a 6mm x 1mm x 50mm socket head bolt.

    2. You will need four small washers with a 6 mm hole. Place them inside the mount and insert bolt threw them

    3. You will have to GENTLY use a Dremel tool to reduce the inside of the mounts plastic wall to remove the standard bolt and insert the new one.

    4. Install and then tighten down really well and use the included spacer. and Woolah!!! a solid mount up. This was a long search on how to adapt this. So I hope this helps anyone trying to mount a Knoxx Spec Ops recoil reducing stock or any other Knoxx product to their Hawk.

    Heres what it looks like finished. and the recoil with full power 12 ga 00 buck and slugs is reduced to that of a .410. and makes a already comfortable gun more desirable to shoot.


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