Colt 1903 Slide Safety Screw

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    On the Type 1 1903 Colt pocket model there is a retaining screw that holds the slide (thumb) safety in the frame. The safety pushes in from the left side and the screw goes into the end of the shaft on the right side. Mine's been missing since I first saw the pistol 60 year ago. It's a 2-64 (NF) shoulder screw. They are made of unobtanium. nobody has them.

    Mine was replaced with a 2-64 brass screw, which did the job without doing any damage, but looks out of place. After 30 years of looking I finally found an original steel screw, and of all places it's just down the road in Vancouver, WA at Colt Parts, LLC, a kind of a wrecking yard for Colt pistols. $25 with shipping might sound a bit steep, but after 30 years of looking, it's a bargain. I thought I was going to have to find someone who could make one.:bluelaugh:

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