Collector or Practical-ist?

Discussion in 'General Firearm Discussion' started by boxer13, Oct 23, 2011.

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    So I find myself fighting well myself over my gun purchases. I have two conflicting views on my purchases.

    1. Collector- I want to amass a large assortment of firearms, all kinds, flavors, calibers. Even if it is not something I particularly need or is practical in any way.

    2. Utility- These fall into the firearms I may actually "need" but haven't bought because some other factor wins out (i.e. the collector mindset)

    I find this difficult to balance, as I may purchase something that fits the collector type of role but offers little to any practicality. It may be awesome sitting in my closet or when I hold it. But isn't nearly as awesome as some other more practical weapons especially on the firing line.

    Not to mention that said collector piece may have expensive/uncommon ammo, parts, or aftermarket support.

    Just wondering if I'm the only one who has this problem or if I am just weird.

    Do any of you fall into either of these categories or something entirely different.
  2. DieselScout

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    I use to have a "want vs. need" attitude and at the time I had a Glock 17, a10/22, a 700 in .30-06 and a Winchester 1300 12 gauge, so really I didn't need anything else, maybe another handgun could be justified. Then I came to the realization that I am an adult and if I want something, as long as I can afford it there is no reason why I shouldn't have it. As far as firearms are concerned they hold there value very well and typically can be turned and sold if your fascination in them wanes. You may take a bit of a money hit, but you can either look at that as you "renting" the firearm or as tuition for lessons learned.
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    I have a collector mentality when it comes to military uniforms and gear; but a practicalist mindset when it comes to firearms, seeing as I cannae afford everything i want :eek:
  4. Nwcid

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    Well I do both. I started with a core of guns. These are ones with a real point being CCW, SHTF, Hunting, Plinking, ect.

    Now days I just buy what I want (not that I didnt before). I do it cause I enjoy guns, it is one of my hobbies. So what if it takes odd ammo if you have your core guns/ammo built up. I have some "rare" calibers that I have less then 100 rds for. I do have reloading supplies for them but these are also guns that would be lucky to see 100 rds in a year. They are not part of my core so why do I need 1k of ammo for them especially if it is expensive or hard to come by.....

    You may also find that things change with time and quantity. Of course I want one of every gun out there and the ammo to feed it with a place to store it all. I dont have the funds for that though. For the last decade or so I have bought a lot of guns. Now I have not been doing as much. Sometimes it is cause I see a good deal but "realize" I dont need another one like that. Or ask myself what am I going to do with it. The other big problem I run into is price. With guns there are some new ones out there I want but I am not willing to pay the price they want. Same goes for ammo. I hardly ever shoot my 7.62x39's any more and we use to blast cases of ammo out of them cause ammo was $60/k on sale at the time. The last several cases I bought were $90/k shipped and now it is over 2x that.

    Of course I have come up with some new hobbies that have taken up a bit of my time and money but I still keep that core ready and my core skills. The "collection" sits but it will not go bad or be worth less any time soon.
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    I'm more of a collector - I've got stuff that I really have no need for, and rarely shoot. But, I like having them because they "round out my collection".

    If I was being practical, I would have quit buying guns a long time ago.

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