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    The good weather is coming and it is time to train. Very soon banners are going up for some upcoming training I am offering, but I wanted to introduce it here first.

    This year, I have two local Short Range Gun-fighting courses coming up. The first is July 23rd and 24th at DRRC. We will be enjoying the great July weather and presenting some excellent training.

    The second one will be December 10th and 11th at DRRC as well, and for those of a more fair weather persuasion, this one will be at the indoor range (because why be cold and wet if you don't have to) and presenting some excellent training in that venue as well.

    This course will challenge you with live-fire pistols in ways the go to edge of what can be done in the “square range” environment. This course outpaces what is usually taught by most firearms schools and can quickly enhance your defensive skills knowledge base. Our course of instruction focuses on how to employ and use your handgun in short to contact distance situations that are commonly encountered in defensive handgun uses.

    We will review the fundamentals and move on to new skills such as Shooting While Moving, Multiple Hostile targets, working in the “360 degree” environment that is not on the range, fighting at short-range distance, finishing the fight, flashlight use and how to move to cover/concealment. We help you master in a weekend these life-saving techniques that are covered in very few other places. Our course addresses integrating basic gun-handling skills and tactical handgun handling skills by providing the interface between the basics and more advanced skills of handgun manipulation.

    This course is not our introductory course. Mastery of basic fundamentals and safety protocols is required before engaging in this type of course. If you have not taken an introductory course or have questions regarding your skill level or equipment, please call us first so we can discuss it.

    I offer a discount to NWFA members on this course. If you are interested, PM me for the coupon code to receive the discount. I have 8 spots left and with the weather getting better, they are going to fill up. Visit our website to book now:
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